WordCamp Atlanta 2012 Speaker Slides

What amazing presentations we witnessed at WordCamp Atlanta. The speakers were all wonderful and the amount of information shared has been incredible!

Adam Weart, Buddy Press
Al Davis, Shared Hosting & WordPress
Aubrey Sears, Writing Effective Proposals
Bret Phillips, The Mystery of Pages and Posts
Bret Phillips, Domains, Hosting and Installing WordPress Made Easy
Brett Bumeter, Scribe SEO vs InboundWriter the new generation of SEO copywriting for WordPress
Carol Shepherd, Designing the plugin integration and signup experience
Chris Keen, Embedding Interactive Graphics using SVG, (Files)
Daryl Houston Hassle Free Blogging with WordPress.com
David Carroll
David Vogelpohl, Hosting Showdown: Shared, Dedicated, VPS or Managed. What makes the most sense for you?
Dougal Campbell CSI: WordPress — Getting into the Guts
Dre Armeda WordPress End-User Security – The Remix
Erik Wolf, An Online Marketing Approach that Revolves Around WordPress

Evan Mullins, From PSD to WordPress Theme: Under the skin
J Cornelius, HTML5 – Hell Yeah!
Jane Wells,
Jeff Cohen, Get Started On The Right Foot With Creating Child Themes
Jenny Munn, SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneur
John Saddington How to Craft Blog Posts that Build Audiences, Traffic, and Your Business
John Sexton, CSS Survival Guide
John Sexton, Responsive Web Design: Philosophy, Technology, and You
Judi Knight, Oh My, So Many to Choose From . . . How to Pick a Theme
Kathy Drewein, Best Practices and Tools for Using Images
Kathy Drewein, Getting Around WordPress: A Guided Tour of the Administration Panel
Keith Ratner, Embedding Interactive Graphics using SVG, jQuery and WordPress
Kristina McInerny, Cool Tools For Customizing WordPress Sites
Lisa Sabin Wilson, Basics of WordPress Theme Customization
Mark Jaquith, Creating and Maintaining WordPress Plugins
Mark Kelnar, Optimizing WordPress
Marna Friedman Creating an Event Website With WordPress
Marna Friedman, There’s a Plugin For That: Expanding the Functionality of Your Site
Mike Schinkel, Mastering Custom Post Types
Nic Rosental, Implementing Facebook Registration
Nile Flores Avoiding Blogger’s Block
Rachel Baker WordPress Navigation Menu Styling Tips and Best Practices
Randy Barnes, Don’t Hack Me Bro’! Simple Backup & Security for WordPress
Russell Fair, Looking Under the Hood: Understanding the WordPress Theme File Structure
Russell Fair, Gotta-have vs. Must-use plugins for Multisite
Russell Fair Hello WordPress! An absolute beginners workshop
Samuel “Otto” Wood,
Sara Cannon, Design Swoon – visual trends and WordPress
Sara Cannon, Font Swoon – Advanced Web Typography
Stephanie True Moss, Scan it! Incorporating QR codes into WordPress
Syed Balkhi, Monetizing your WordPress blog
Thomas Griffin, Got Awesome Theme Functionality? It Probably Needs a Plugin
Travis Smith, Professional Rapid Web Development Using the Genesis Framework

Matt Mellenweg & Jane Wells!

Q & A with Matt & Jane is one of those amazing experiences that can happen at WordCamp. Be sure to tweet about your experiences today  or share on Facebook or LinkedIn. So much to learn, but even more to share. That is the beauty of open source! Don’t forget to add #WCATL to all of your social media posts!

For the Smart Phone-less Day 2

WordCamp Atlanta 2012 QR Code - Scan oftenThe first item on our QR Code for day 2 of WordCamp Atlanta is a Tweet! When the QR Code is scanned, it opens Twitter in the smart phone’s browser and prompts the user to tweet the following message:

I am at WordCamp Atlanta! Awesome beginning of day 2 with Matt Mullenweg @PhotoMatt & Janes Wells @janeforshort #wcatl

Check back for more updates throughout the day!


Q & A with Matt & Jane is one of those amazing experiences that can happen at WordCamp. Be sure to tweet about your experiences today  or share on Facebook or LinkedIn. So much to learn, but even more to share. That is the beauty of open source! Don’t forget to add #WCATL to all of your social media posts!

New Tweet:

Q&A with Matt Mullenweg @PhotoMatt & Jane Wells @janeforshort was a great start to Day 2 of #wcatl

Speaker slides:

Lisa Sabin-Wilson WordPress is for Everyone,: http://www.slideshare.net/LSWilson/wordpress-is-for-everyone-11375553


Kathy Drewien, How to Use Images in WordPress:  http://www.slideshare.net/kdrewien/how-to-use-images-in-word-press

Stephanie True Moss, Scan It! QR Codes & WordPress:
  or http://slideshare.net/truemc

Bret Phillips: http://bretphillips.com/wordcampatl


Randy Barnes, WordPress Security Backup: http://www.slideshare.net/RandyBarnes/wordpress-security-backup


Erik Wolf, Cool Tools For Customizing WordPress Sites: http://zerogcreative.com/wp_marketing_erik_wolf.pptx


Kris McInerny: http://notesfromkris.com/web-development-marketing/beginner-webbie-help/wordcamp-2012-atlanta-cool-tools

Chris Keen, Embedded Interactive Graphics: http://keenwebconcepts.com/presentation/zip/Raphael.zip

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Sara Cannon, Advanced Web Typography

For the Smart Phone-less

In case you don’t have a smart phone at WordCamp Atlanta and missed getting to scan the QR Code, here is a sampling of what you might have missed today.

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